Arrived Illegally to Spain,10 Years Later he Became a Champion

The adventure of a young Moroccan marathon champion was reported by the Spanish newspaper, Diario Vasca. Chakib Lachgar, who arrived in Spain illegally at the age of 18, hung on the chassis of a truck.

Former member of the athletics club, Jeunesse Sakia lhamra, Chakib Lachgar took first place at the 55th edition of the San Sebastian 20 km International Marathon, held on Sunday, November 10 in the Basque Country.

Speaking to the Spanish newspaper, the young athlete said: “I left Morocco at the age of 18. As the crossing by boat was too expensive, I had reached Spain hung on the chassis of a truck. It was a dangerous adventure that I find difficult to forget.

An unparalleled success for the young adventurer who still holds Moroccan nationality and who managed to realize his dream by winning the San Sebastian International Half Marathon.

Chakib currently lives in Gipuzkoa, in the north of the country, after spending three months in Murcia. He had managed to regularize his situation in Spain thanks to the support of the association Gutziak Colore, where he attended several professional training courses.

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