Mahmoud El Idrissi: The Pioneer of Moroccan Song

Mahmoud El Idrissi is considered one of the pioneers of Moroccan song and one of the greatest artists in history. Born in Rabat in the Yacoub al-Mansour district in 1948, he studied in Salé before joining the National Conservatory of Music in 1964 and opting for the theater.

His passion for music began at an early age, when he accompanied his father to the mosque and the voices of the people who recited the Koran caught his attention. Later on, he began to take an interest in the “Mouachahates” and the classical songs of the great artists of the Arab countries.

One of his first experiences as a singer was a concert at the Conservatory where he performed some songs by Mohamed Abdel Wahhab and Farid Al Atrach. Thus, he impressed the audience with his performance and attracted the attention of the composer Abdallah Issami who was present. It is thanks to the latter that Mahmoud El Idrissi joined the national radio after passing his singing test in front of the artist Ahmed El Bidaoui who chaired as a jury at that time.

Mahmoud El Idrissi joined the national choir in 1965. He spent 11 years singing behind renowned artists such as Mohamed Fiteh and Abdel Wahhab Doukkali, before beginning his singing experience in 1969 with the song “Ya Malaki Ya Beladi” composed by musician Abdenabi Al Jirari.

El Idrissi collaborated with the great composer Abdelkader Rachdi who gave him the melody of his song “B’ssem El Fattah”, written by the great poet Ahmed Tayeb Laalaj, just as he collaborated with other great composers such as Abdelkader Wahbi and Abdessalam Amer who almost gave him the wonderful song “Rahila”, before finally granting it to Mohammed El Hayani. He also worked with musician Mohammed bin Abdesslam who composed for him “Aichi Ya Beladi Aichi”, his first hit song that HM King Hassan II appreciated and thanks to which El Idrissi regained his place in the Palace, after the King excluded him for non-compliance with the protocol. Thus, he became one of Hassan II’s beloved singers who praised his qualities in front of Egyptian and Arab singers and went so far as to give him his precious costumes.

El-Idrisi spent a brief period in Egypt during which he collaborated with the composer Mohamed El-Mogy, before returning to his country and deciding to compose for himself.

In the 1980s, he launched “Saa Saida”, his most famous and successful song, composed by himself and written by the late Mustafa Baghdad. He has also composed famous songs by other artists such as Latifa Raafat, Naima Samih, El Bachir Abdou and Mohamed El Ghawi. He also composed for the Algerian artist Fella Ababssa.

El Idrissi has a lot of songs, some of which have not been able to achieve the fame of his most successful songs.

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