Discover the Official Website of the Moroccan Embassy in South Africa

The site offers interactive content on a wide range of topics including the history of the Kingdom, investment opportunities and the assets of tourism that make the country proud.

Made entirely in English, the site includes a section dedicated to the history of relations between Morocco and South Africa as well as the Kingdom’s relations with the other southern African countries covered by the Embassy.

Illustrated with photos, the site also offers Internet users a media space, presenting most of Morocco’s political, economic, social and cultural news.

Another section sheds light on the real history of the artificial conflict created around Morocco’s territorial integrity, where visitors can find historical facts that trace Morocco’s efforts since independence to complete its territorial integrity.

The site also provides detailed information on visa procedures and a consular services area dedicated to members of the Moroccan community in South Africa.

In line with its vocation as an exchange platform, the site offers direct links to the Embassy’s twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages where Internet users can interact and discover more information on Moroccan news and the activities of the Kingdom’s chancellery in South Africa.

The objective of this platform is to promote and facilitate communication between the Embassy services and the various partners, explains the Moroccan Ambassador to South Africa, Youssef Amrani, reiterating the commitment to strengthen cooperation and friendship between Morocco and South Africa, in particular through the promotion of mutual understanding and the encouragement of an open and constructive dialogue with officials, the media, think tanks and civil society.

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