The TV Competition in Moscow: A Young Moroccan Impresses the Jury with his “Exceptional Brain”

During a broadcast by the channel “Russia1”, the Moroccan student, enrolled in the “mathematical sciences” program at the University of Fez, he won the Prize against eight finalists, collecting 17 of the audience’s votes in addition to the congratulations of the jury members for his exceptional skills in memorization.

The Moroccan student, aged 26 and from the city of Boulemane, won this prize funded with 1 million rubles (about 150,000 dhs) after having managed to memorize in two minutes the number of an egg chosen at random among 300 others with similar shapes and colors, arousing the admiration of the jury and the public of the competition which saw the participation of candidates representing 40 countries.

“With this victory, I have taken a big step forward to achieve new achievements,” said Lahcen Oulhaj on this occasion, expressing his determination to improve his skills as well as his thanks to those who encouraged him to represent Morocco in this competition.

He also pointed out that his participation in the “Amazing People” program comes after several years of intensive training in memory since 2013. During the qualifying phases of the competition, the young Moroccan managed, in record time, to rank exactly 200 pieces of “Matrioshka” (Russian figurines) mixed at random by the jury members.

In 2015, Lahcen Oulhaj represented Morocco at the Arab Memory Championship. He also achieved a world record in the mental sport championship held in Turkey by memorizing the order of 930 digits in fifteen minutes.

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