Lincoln: The Oldest Hotel in Casablanca

Lincoln Hotel is the oldest hotel in Casablanca. It was built in 1917, under the French protectorate, in the heart of Mohammed V Avenue (then called Station Avenue), near the central market. It was the preferred destination for many national and international dignitaries who stayed there, as well as a preferred venue for meetings, forums and major seminars.

This hotel was designed by the French architect Hubert Bride, who subtly combined modern architecture with the “neo-Moorish” style, at a time when Casablanca was the scene of various architectural experiences. Thus, the hotel established itself as a true masterpiece.

The Lincoln Hotel was built on an area of approximately 3,000 square meters, in the “Art Deco” style that reigns on Mohammed V Avenue and the city center districts. However, it has lost much of its glory over time and has become vulnerable due to neglect.

Once a beautiful historical monument, has gradually fallen into ruins, becoming a refuge for the city’s homeless and a danger to pedestrians, especially in winter, when it rains heavily.

Although the Ministry of Culture classified the facades of the hotel’s building as an architectural heritage to be preserved in 2000, this historic monument remained in a state of disrepair due to disputes between the town hall and the owner of the building, which were brought to court before a French company finally came to save it. This company has signed an agreement for its restoration from the inside, while preserving the historic facade, which will not be modified.

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