Mali: Moroccan Fruits and Vegetables Keep Prices at an Acceptable Level in Bamako

Thanks to refrigerated trucks from Agadir, Malian cities are regularly supplied with fresh products. Everyday, several tons of Moroccan fruits and vegetables help to keep prices at a sustainable level for Malian households.

Hamza Benjelloun is a Moroccan carrier and trader, he has done a lot of work on the Morocco-Mali corridor in recent years.

Like many of its compatriots who are active on the Casablanca-Nouakchott-Bamako axis, Hamza specializes in the transport of fruit and vegetables.

There are regularly ten to twenty refrigerated trucks from 20 to 35 tons to allow several Malian cities to have access to fresh products, however it is Bamako which is their main point of contact. Traders from other cities across the country come to the main market in the Capital.

Thanks to the regularity of these suppliers, there is almost never a shortage of food products such as onions, potatoes or carrots, products that are always available at reasonable prices.

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