Morocco and the United States Want to Consolidate their Economic Partnership

In today’s edition, Les Inspirations Eco looks back at the relations between Morocco and the United States under the chairmanship of President Donald Trump. The daily reports that the official visit to Morocco by Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State, is a sign that, despite the isolation policy adopted by the United States, Washington does not intend to neglect its old alliances.

It should be noted that Mike Pompeo’s visit is intended to meet with various government officials to review the strong economic and security partnership that exists between the two countries. The volume of trade between the Kingdom and the United States more than quadrupled during the period 2006-2018, reaching approximately 5.44 billion dollars in 2018 against 1.34 billion dollars in 2006. According to the newspaper, this increase is due to both export and import trends.

It should also be noted that, during this period, Moroccan exports increased more than fivefold, with an amount of $1.38 billion in 2018, compared to only $0.26 billion in 2006. Imports reached $4.06 billion in 2018, compared to only $1.08 billion in 2006. Today, Washington is the 4th supplier to Morocco and the 3rd largest customer in the kingdom. However, Morocco has a trade deficit that continues to widen from year to year. In the space of 12 years, says Les Inspirations Eco, this deficit has tripled.

It is worth mentioning that Mike Pompeo has also planned to meet with the American business community in Casablanca, with the aim of calling on the kingdom’s US businessmen to double their efforts. We learn that, in order to give a new dynamic to bilateral relations, it is planned to develop a program to support and promote Moroccan exporters (VSEs, SMEs, and GEs) to major American contractors, as part of an aggregation program. It is also planned to sign a tripartite memorandum of understanding (ASMEX-AMDIE-US Embassy) on the “Select USA” program.

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