Armand Guigui: The Death of a Great Man

The Jewish community of Fez, Oujda and Zefrou was saddened by the death of its president, Armand Guigui, a personality highly respected by the inhabitants of the city of Fez, where he lived, grew and died.

Armand Guigui was born in the spiritual capital of the Kingdom in 1934. He studied at the Jewish High School in Fez before leaving to France, where he completed his higher education at a Parisian university, then returned to Morocco, his native country, where he practiced medicine in the Royal Armed Forces, as well as in many hospitals, before opening his own private clinic. He received the rich and the poor alike, to whom he paid equal attention, without distinction.

Dr. Guigui, who was elected head of the Jewish community in Fez in 1988, was known for his many charitable works for the benefit of the poor in Fez and neighboring cities. He was also behind many charitable initiatives and campaigns for the benefit of orphanages and social centers in the city. Jews and Muslims, testify to his acute humanitarian sense. Thus, his death was felt as the loss of an extraordinary great man.

He was particularly interested in Moroccan Jewish culture and heritage and was preparing a project for a Jewish museum in Fez, in partnership with his friend Mehdi Kotbi, President of the National Museums Foundation. He has also been at the origin of the restoration of many Jewish cemeteries and temples in Fez, as well as the initiator of several cultural events that promote the spirit of tolerance and harmonious coexistence between Jews and Muslims in Morocco.

Armand Guigui was also known for his great love for his country, Morocco, and his fidelity to the Alaoui throne. Thus, His Majesty King Mohammed VI sent an official message of condolence to the family of the deceased, in which he listed many of his virtues.

Armand Guigui, who passed away at the age of 85, was buried in the Jewish cemetery in Fez. Several personalities accompanied the deceased’s remains to his final resting place. These include Abdelouafi Laftit, Minister of the Interior, Serge Berdugo, Ambassador of His Majesty and President of the Jewish Community of Casablanca, Zineb Zniber, Wali de Fez-Meknès, and Driss El Azami Idrissi, Mayor of the City of Fez.