Morocco Receives a Large Jewish Delegation Led by Rabbi Pinto

Last week, Morocco received a large delegation of thousands of Moroccan Jews from all over the world, led by Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, who was instrumental in bringing so many Moroccan Jews together to reconnect with their roots and the land of their ancestors. A country they have never forgotten despite the fact that many of them have not been there for years, while others have never set foot in it.

The delegation’s first destination was Casablanca, with a visit to the Jewish cemetery to pay tribute to the dead buried there. Subsequently, the delegation traveled to Essaouira, a city where the largest number of the Jewish community lived in perfect symbiosis with their fellow citizens, the Muslims. The delegation also visited the home of Rabbi Haïm Pinto, Yoshiyahu Pinto’s grandfather, known among Jews as a miracle worker and considered a saint by Jews.

Rabbi Pinto, who was recently elected President of the Rabbinical Court at the Beth-El Synagogue in Casablanca, recited fragments of the Torah, which his followers and disciples took up in chorus behind him. He also prayed to God to give health and long life to His Majesty King Mohammed VI and all members of the royal family.

Subsequently, the Jewish delegation returned to Casablanca, where Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto gave a religious lecture at the Mogador Hotel, and received many Moroccan Jews, residing in Morocco or abroad. He exchanged with them and he gave them his blessings. The latter returned home awaiting a new invitation from Rabbi Pinto, who is making considerable efforts to bring together the Jews of Morocco and encourage them to invest in their country.

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto belongs to a famous family of rabbis, both on the side of his father and mother, which gives him an important place among the Jews who respect and worship him.

It should be recalled that Yoshiyahu Pinto lives between Morocco and the United States, where he is being treated in a New York hospital.

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