Muslim and Amal Essaqr Are Now Husband and Wife

The actress Amal Essaqr and the rapper Muslim are finally married. The two artists, who have been at the center of all discussions in recent days, publicly announced their relationship on Saturday, as declared by the TV channel Télé Maroc.

The actress also published an Instagram story with her new husband. She also shared several stories from people congratulating her on their marriage.

It is worth mentioning that Nabila, Muslim’s former wife, had reported that the rapper and actress Amal Saqr had been in relationship since 2014, stating that the latter was the cause of their divorce.

The video of the young mother caused a real outcry on the Internet. Some Internet users have expressed their support for Nabila, describing Muslim and Amal Saqr, the two presumed lovebirds, as traitors. Others, on the other hand, pointed to the rapper’s ex-wife who, in their opinion, considers that her husband is a victim and that Amal Saqr is the only culprit in the story.

In addition, actress Amal Saqr expressed her grief after receiving, according to her, several insults on her social networks because of this story. “I want to respect Muslim’s privacy, but I can tell you that he has been through 11 years of suffering. He stayed with her for the sake of his children. He never denounced what she put them through out of respect for her. Now, know that I am not the cause of their divorce,” the actress said.

She added: “To those who insult me because of my age or appearance. Age is not a matter of choice. It’s just a simple number to me. I am happy. Stop being so superficial.”

Amal Saqr also called on Internet users to stop their criticism. “Think of our children and the people who love us. You can’t even imagine how many insults Muslim and I have received,” she said.

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