Promotion of the Agri-food Sector in Beni Mellal

In Friday’s edition, L’Economiste reports that there will be “a development of integrated value chains with an investment of 12 billion Dirhams, including 8 billion through the contribution of private operators and 4 billion distributed between the Ministry of Agriculture (2.8) and Industry (1.2 billion)”. This should have a significant impact, as the newspaper points out, with the creation of 38,000 jobs in 2021 and “a turnover of 42 billion Dirhams. The additional annual turnover is estimated at 12.5 billion Dirhams and the export turnover at 13 billion Dirhams”, the daily emphasizes.

Through the synergy created between the Agricultural Development Fund and the Industrial Development Fund, no fewer than 194 projects have been launched for an investment of 5.1 billion Dirhams, says L’Economiste. This will generate more than 25,000 jobs, representing 53% of the 2021 objective in terms of the number of projects, 43% of the projected investment and 65% of the jobs to be created.

The newspaper points out that agricultural exports have doubled and that production has increased for the majority of sectors (83% for citrus fruits, 93% for cereals and arboriculture and 136% for olives). Market gardening, meat and red fruits also recorded strong increases.

This project is in line with the integration actions carried out in the agropoles of the agricultural production basins of Meknes, Berkane, Tadla, Souss, Gharb, Loukkos and El Haouz. “These agropoles include, among the structures, qualipoles installed by the Ministry of Agriculture and designed as a one-stop shop integrating the latest generation laboratories (INRA, ONSSA and EACCE), experimentation and training spaces, as well as quality control and export services. Today, the four agropoles of Meknes, Berkane, Tadla and Souss are completed, and the lots are in the marketing phase with investors. The only drawback is that price levels are considered high by operators.

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