HRH Prince Moulay Al Hassan: Strength, Maturity and Humility

HRH Prince Moulay Al Hassan, Crown Prince of Morocco, or “Smit Sidi”, title attributed to the Crown Prince according to Alaoui traditions, has a strong personality that appears clearly through the way he stands, moves or behaves during official events broadcast on Moroccan television, in addition to his confident look that says a lot about his personality which, according to the Moroccans, resembles that of his grandfather, HM King Hassan II whose name he bears.

HRH Prince Moulay Al Hassan was born in May 2003. He is the eldest son of His Majesty King Mohammed VI. And like other members of the royal family, he attends the Royal College in Rabat, where he is subject to a strict educational system, which is an intensive program that includes learning the Quran, alongside other disciplines such as philosophy, science, literature, languages and sport. This is the same educational system as his father, HM King Mohammed VI and his grandfather, HM King Hassan II, had followed. It is considered one of the most important foundations for the formation of a king.

Despite his young age, which does not exceed 17 years, Crown Prince Moulay Al Hassan fully and effectively carries out the official missions entrusted to him by his father, HM King Mohammed VI. Thus, for years now, he has represented HM the King at many important events, particularly at the international level. This was the case when he attended the funerals of French President Jacques Chirac or the “Comte de Paris”, and when he welcomed Prince Harry and his wife on their recent visit to Morocco.

HRH the Crown Prince is also distinguished by a great humility that in many ways reminds us of that of his father and the rest of the royal family. He likes to be involved with ordinary people in public places, just as he likes to live his life simply. He has already been seen in cinemas in Casablanca or Rabat, just as he was seen with his friends, having a sandwich in a fast food restaurant. Many people also met him several times with his sister, HRH Princess Lalla Khadija, and his mother, Lalla Salma, during walks in the famous Jamaa Lafna Square in Marrakech.

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