Schengen visas: No Visa Appointments for Moroccans Before March 2020

Getting an appointment to obtain a Schengen visa has become a real obstacle course since 2018. And this is especially true for consulates of European countries, particularly in France, where demand is very high. It should be noted that France issues more than 400,000 visas to Moroccan nationals every year, making Morocco the second country in the world, after China, to benefit from this travel document.

“The enthusiasm is very strong, to such an extent that consular services are overwhelmed by the number of requests for appointments to obtain French visas,” said, interviewed by Le360, a consular source, ensuring that efforts are underway to ensure more fluidity in the examination of applications.
“It currently takes about a week to respond to these requests,” it was pointed out.

Soon, the French consulate in Rabat will proceed with a new procedure for granting these visas.

The file review will be divided into categories of applicants. For those who have already obtained French visas in the past, the examination and the answer will be processed in a time that is promised to be “reasonable”.

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