Abdelkader Moutaa: The Undisputed Master of the Moroccan Screen

Abdelkader Moutaa, whom rumors recently claimed him to be dead, before it turns out that he is still alive, is considered one of the giants of Moroccan comedy and the undisputed master of the television screen. Many generations have carefully followed his works, his successful television series and his advertising commercials. His melodious voice was enough for the Moroccan public to watch his programs eagerly. Also, the character of Taher Belfriat will remain forever in the memory of Moroccans, to the point that it is the nickname most people use to refer to Moutaa instead of his real name.

Abdelkader Moutaa, who has always excelled in the role of villains, has participated in many series and works that have enriched the Moroccan film library, including “Setta min settine”, “Oulad Nass” and “Dwayer Zman”.

Moutaa has also played many roles in film, radio and theater. He began his career with the municipal theater troupe and then with the famous Maamoura troupe. This has allowed him to share the poster with major actors such as Seddiki and Afifi. But before this experience, Scouting was of great benefit to him in the development of his theatrical talent.

The film “Wachma”, directed by Hamid Bennani in 1970, was also one of the most important milestones in his artistic career spanning more than 60 years.

Abdelkader Moutaa has worked with the national theater troupe of Moroccan radio alongside its great tenors such as Larbi Doughmi, Hamadi Attounsi, Habiba Al-Madkouri, Amina Rachid and many others. He also contributed to the launch of Radio Medi 1 in Tangier, where he worked for many years.

Abdelkader Moutaa was born in the early 1940s in the famous Derb Sultan district of Casablanca, a working class neighborhood from which famous resistance fighters, artists and politicians emerged. He had a difficult childhood after his father’s death, when he was still young. His mother was forced to work to meet the most basic needs. For this reason, he was unable to continue his studies. He settled for small jobs, such as selling vegetables or repairing bicycles, before being seduced by the world of theater.

Abdelkader Moutaa has recently lost his sight, just as he has become greatly weakened by the disease. Today he lives on his past glory years, after having been betrayed by the profession of acting to which he gave everything and only drew ingratitude from it. Only the love of his audience remained intact.

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