Casablanca: Presentation of the Book “Morocco and its Mediterranean Neighbors”

Published by “L’Harmattan”, as part of the “Mediterranean History and Perspectives” series, the book provides an assessment of the impact of public policies on the economic and social development in some countries of the southern and eastern Mediterranean over the past three decades, based on the observation that the structural and financial liberalization reforms chosen or implemented “have contributed to the widening of inequalities in increasingly unfair and torn societies”.

“Throughout this period, the essential elements of the public policies adopted have been called the Structural Adjustment Plan (SAP) or financial liberalization, which concretely reflects the ideas of the neoliberal movement advocated by the world’s major institutional donors,” says the book’s introduction.

In presenting his book, Mr. Youmni stressed that it is the result of several years of work and multiple visits to the countries concerned, noting that he has carried out numerous studies, including the relationship between economic growth and financial development as well as on the impact of public-private partnership (PPP) policies.

Referring to the national development model, he said that Morocco is “a country that is very advanced in terms of reforms, despite multiple obstacles to development and low economic growth dependent on agriculture”, calling for this model to be built around “a quality education system and an exporting economy that promotes massive job creation for young people”.

In economics and public policy, Mr. Youmni is a visiting professor at several foreign universities. He has published several articles and studies focusing on economic development models, reducing inequalities and efficiency strategies for PPP contracts.

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