Pinhas: An Outstanding Star

Pinhas was born in Casablanca, in the famous Verdun district, where a large number of Jews lived. He became immersed in music thanks to his father Azar who was a couch maker, but who used to give concerts during family celebrations, because he was a talented player of the oud.

Pinhas, who belongs to the Cohen family, originally from Fez, studied engineering, but his love of music led him into the world of art, becoming, in just a few years, one of Morocco’s most important and famous artists.

Pinhas is specialized in popular song and “chgouri”. Thanks to his outstanding talent and technical mastery, he succeeded in reviving many old Moroccan songs, bringing them back into fashion, and introducing more rhythm to them, to the point that the audience had thought he was the original author. These include songs such as “Kaftanek mahloul”, “Al-Attar”, “Zain, li atak ALLAH”, “Hbibti ghadi Naddiha”, which have made Pinhas famous and to which the latter has given a particular stamp.

Pinhas became a real artistic phenomenon in the 1980s and 1990s and the star of wedding celebrations inside and outside Morocco. His physique made him even more adorable, especially among women, since he sang about love and romance.

Pinhas lost his glory after being arrested at Mohammed V Airport in Casablanca for smuggling money and his sentence to a stiff prison term, before being released months later by royal pardon, but he lost all of his money.

Pinchas has become less visible today in Morocco, and he no longer gives concerts as before, but he has remained on the podium of popular song, just as in the hearts of Moroccans who unanimously love his art

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