A Private Museum Is Opened in Marrakech

The cultural infrastructure of the Ochre City has just been strengthened, with the inauguration on Sunday of a private music museum in the presence of a large number of artists and intellectuals.

Located in the heart of the medina of Marrakech, in the Mouassine Museum, this cultural structure, whose inauguration ceremony was presided over by the Wali of the Marrakech-Safi region, Governor of the Prefecture of Marrakech, Karim Kassi-Lahlou, highlights the musical multiculturalism that characterizes the Kingdom, whose artistic culture has been enriched through its history by multiple musical traditions (Amazigh music, Andalusian heritage, Gnawa music among others).

For the past three years, the Mouassine Museum has been organizing very successful evenings of traditional music. The creation of this music museum responds to a deep demand from the public and reinforces Marrakech’s musical heritage.

Beyond the permanent exhibition, the Music Museum wishes to become one of the most important voices for musical diversity and creation in Morocco.

The museum also aims to create an archive and information bank on music in Morocco.

The Music Museum is located in the Saâdian district built in the 16th and 17th centuries. The museum’s reception apartment is a jewel of Arab-Andalusian architecture in Marrakech. Several rooms in the house are assigned to temporary and permanent exhibitions.

The diversity of musical traditions in Morocco is displayed in several rooms: Amazigh music, Jewish tradition, daqqa marrakchia, Gnawa music, Arab-Andalusian music, and recordings by Adolfo Reinholter.

A true musical and visual experience, the Music Museum presents instruments, photographs and videos. The tour provides visitors with keys to understanding Moroccan music. A mediator offers visitors the opportunity to accompany the exhibition.

Temporary exhibitions highlight particular themes, personalities or musical styles not covered in the permanent exhibition.

These exhibitions are an opportunity to enrich the collection of the Music Museum and a permanent opening to the public specifically Marrakchi.

Appointments are regularly offered to visitors. Music evenings are organized three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). Information on the Marrakech music scene is available to visitors.

The exhibition catalog retraces through unpublished iconographic documents the history of the particularly fertile multiculturalism of music in Morocco. The museum also publishes thematic booklets and catalogs.

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