An Unusual Competition in Tangier for the Best “you-you” Female

We have seen everything, heard everything in these gloomy and uncultivated times! The masquerade of “My Daily Routine” where YouTube girls compete fiercely to show themselves performing household chores, with suggestive and sexy poses, or to put on tight jeans, squirming their buttocks, to collect the maximum amount of “like” and earn money tripping, is a degrading but profitable.

Another masquerade will be hosted by the capital of the Strait. This is a competition in which thirty women from different cities in the Kingdom will participate, according to the website “alyoum24″. A competition to choose the best cordon bleu? A competition to choose the best women’s novel of the year, the best collection of poetry, or the best speech, either eloquent or related to violence against women?

This competition, organized for the first time in Morocco (what an “incredible opportunity” for us Moroccans!) will bring together 30 “zaghradates” in Tangier tomorrow, Saturday. And a jury, “specialized”(?) in this field, will have as “cultural” mission to choose the best high-pitched and modulated long scream pushed by women, the famous “you-you”!

The winner of this unprecedented contest will be crowned “Miss you-you” and will receive a cash prize that sounds and stumbles. After “My daily routine” which is still going on the YouTube channels with no restrictions, here is the contest for the best “you-you”!

What will 2020 bring for us as new uncultivated, degrading and futile initiatives? Fortunately, “mockery does not kill”, But this ridiculous act does more than kill us, it destroys our hopes for a better tomorrow and bury the culture, decency and true values to which Moroccans aspire for future generations.

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