After his Controversial Statements, Bruno Le Maire Is Expected to Be in Morocco in January 2020

After the controversy, it is now time for appeasement. Bruno Le Maire who, a few weeks ago, called for a relocation of French industrial activity, not hesitating to criticize the two powerful groups PSA and Renault based in Morocco, has chosen this time to calm the game against the two Moroccan ministers. It was this Thursday, December 19, on the sidelines of the 14th France-Morocco High Level Meeting held in Paris (the previous one was held in Rabat in November 2017).

Bruno Le Maire made a point of first of all recalling that he has been charged by President Emmanuel Macron to reflect on a new French industrial model, with a view to setting up a French productive pact, targeting results for 2030, then for 2050.

“There must be no ambiguities. The industrial partnerships between Morocco and France are of high quality. Investments by French groups in Morocco are not targeted. Nobody questions the place Morocco occupies as a relay of growth and competitiveness for French companies,” said Bruno Le Maire. This is what a source present at this meeting, which lasted one hour, just before the opening of the meeting, which is being held under the co-chairmanship of the two heads of government, Saâd Dine El Otmani and Édouard Philippe, confided to us.

France wishes to associate Morocco in its Productive Pact, he added, pointing out that French industrial investments have always been made in a logic of co-location that benefits both Morocco and France.

The Mayor was enthusiastic about the idea of further integration of the Moroccan industrial fabric. For that, he says, it will be necessary to identify the professions and carry out a detailed analysis of the value chains. All this, he insisted, must be done in a logic of co-development and especially technology transfer, to the benefit of both countries.

Putting his words into action, the French minister announced that he will visit Morocco next January to deepen discussions with Moroccan officials. This is also an opportunity to prepare for the visit of President Emmanuel Macron, scheduled for the first quarter of 2020, to Morocco.

Moreover, in a message published on his Facebook page, the Minister of Industry and Trade, Moulay Hafid Elalamy, described the talks he had with Bruno Le Maire as “successful”.

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