Lalla Oum Keltoum: A Modest Princess

Lalla Oum Keltoum Boufarès, the wife of HRH Prince Moulay Rachid and the mother of his son Moulay Ahmed, was born in 1987 into a famous and prestigious family from Marrakech, closely linked to “Dar Al-Makhzen” and the Cherifian royal family. Her father, Moulay El Mamoun Boufarès, who served as Governor for years in the ochre city, is none other than the son of Lalla Khadija, sister of the late His Majesty Sultan Mohamed V. As for her mother, she belongs to the Al-Qayed Al-Ayyadi family, whose fame extends beyond the city of Marrakesh and the neighboring region of Rhamana to all parts of Morocco and beyond.

Lalla Oum Keltoum is the youngest of her siblings, consisting of a brother who works in the office of HRH Prince Moulay Rachid and two sisters: Abla, who bears the first name of the mother of the late HM King Hassan II, and Oum Al Rhaith. The two sisters are married to senior government officials and live in Rabat.

Since her childhood, HRH Lalla Oum Keltoum has been known for her simplicity, spontaneity, friendliness and cheerful character inherited from her father, Moulay El Mamoun, who earned the respect of all Marrakchis, especially because he enjoyed spending time with them and loves sharing pleasant moments with them in the modest cafés and restaurants of Jamaa El Fna Square, although he held high positions in the Ministry of the Interior.

Lalla Oum Keltoum completed her primary education at Renoir School, before moving on to Victor Hugo High School and obtaining her baccalaureate in the economic section. She then traveled to France to pursue her higher education in an institute of administration and management, where she spent 5 years, at the end of which she obtained a Master’s degree in Management and Communication.

She was called by her friends by the nickname “Oum”. She is also known for her great modesty, as indicated by many Moroccan media who devoted entire pages to her as soon as the announcement of her marriage with HRH Prince Moulay Rachid was made. Her good education and the excellence of her school results have earned her the respect of her teachers. Princess Lalla Oum Keltoum developed a strong friendship with Princess Lalla Soukaina, daughter of HRH Princess Lalla Maryam and granddaughter of the late HM King Hassan II.

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