Thousands of Moroccan Jews from all over the World Welcome Rabbi Yoshiahu Pinto

First video:

During his visit to Essaouira, the stronghold of Moroccan Jews, and the city that has seen the largest gathering of the Jewish community, Rabbi Rabbi Yoshiahu Pinto found thousands of followers and disciples waiting for him. On this occasion, Rabbi Pinto visited the house of his grandfather, Rabbi Haïm Pinto, known as a miracle worker and respected by both Jews and Muslims.

With the accompanying delegation, Rabbi Pinto also visited his grandfather’s tomb, which is a place of pilgrimage for Jews from all over the world. Pinto read fragments of the Torah that his companions echoed behind him. He ended his visit by saying prayers in memory of his grandfather, before returning to Casablanca.

The second video:

In Casablanca, Rabbi Yoshiahu Pinto and his accompanying delegation, which includes Jews from different parts of the world, visited the Jewish cemetery. Prayers in memory of the Moroccan Jews buried there were made as well as religious songs and rituals were performed.

At Hotel Le Grand Mogador, Rabbi Pinto, President of the Rabbinical Court of Moroccan Jews, received members of the Jewish community and gave them a religious conference.

The third video

The delegation of Moroccan Jews from different parts of the world, led by Rabbi Yoshiahu Pinto, celebrated Shabbat by preparing various types of food and drink for the occasion after visiting the tomb of Rabbi Haim Pinto in Essaouira, and after meditating on the graves of their grandparents and parents in the Jewish cemetery in Casablanca.

Despite their distance from their homeland, Moroccan Jews have always kept the love of Morocco in their hearts, just as they have transmitted this love to their children and grandchildren. The delegation was composed of Jews of Moroccan origin, who had heard a lot about Morocco and had grown up with the love of this country, even if many of them never made it until this occasion thanks to Rabbi Yoshiahu Pinto.

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