Laila Doukkali: President of AFEM

Originally from Casablanca, Laila Doukkali was born into a family with a long history in the business world. So, what could be more natural than the fact that their daughter is interested in everything related to management and business administration, so that she can manage the family business.

Like most children from wealthy families, Laila Doukkali studied in France. The University of Toulouse was her first destination where she obtained a degree in management before going to the Sorbonne, where she earned degrees in international relations and management.

Very early on, Leila Doukkali became involved in associations defending women’s rights and equality with men, before taking over the management of the family business, specializing in the food industry, and bringing a Parisian brand into Morocco as part of a franchise.

Leila Doukkali was active for years in the Association of Moroccan Women Entrepreneurs (AFEM) and for many years she held the position of vice-president and president of the communication committee. This is one of the reasons why she she won over the trust of her colleagues to take up the position of president, for which she was the only candidate. And it was thanks to the relations of trust and the warmth that united her, for years, with women business leaders, that she won 99% of the votes, thus becoming President of AFEM for the period 2019-2022. The elections took place a few days ago and were held at the CGEM headquarters in Casablanca.

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