New Year’s Celebrations: Cakes, Parties and New Ornaments

Moroccans are getting ready to celebrate the New Year, which is now an integral part of their celebratory culture, after having been for years reserved for the elite, or certain foreign nationals residing in Morocco. In recent years, this occasion has thus become a date that cannot be ignored, celebrated by everyone, whatever their religion or social category.

Moroccans receive the New Year with delicious cakes and meals which they prepare with care, or which they buy from shops. They also make numerous purchases of new clothes to wear at the parties organized for the occasion, in addition to the gifts they give to their spouses and partners, Christmas trees and decorations that they adorn their homes with, as a good omen for a new page in their lives that is about to open.

Shops of all kinds take advantage of the New Year celebrations to present all their most beautiful, most delicious, but also most expensive items, as they know that many Moroccans as well as foreigners will be inclined to buy and consume on this happy occasion.

Thus, bakeries compete to prepare the most delicious cakes, with attractive shapes and colors. However, prices sometimes rise excessively, because it is the occasion when one can sell more and more expensive, and when customers throw themselves on the shelves like locusts.

For their part, shopping centers and clothing stores offer attractive discounts designed to attract as many customers as possible, both those who wish to buy outfits for the New Year’s Eve party, and those who wish to renew their wardrobes and wait for this opportunity to acquire the best at affordable prices, before the stores present their new collections and prices rise again.

Perfume, chocolate and flower shops, which are often deserted throughout the year, are adorned with colors, lights and images of “Santa Claus” in order to attract customers who wish to buy gifts for friends or relatives, each according to their abilities and tastes.

Beauty centers are also very popular with women who want to enter the New Year with a new “look”. Thus, these centers offer offers and discounts on all types of skin, hair and nail care, as well as haircuts and dyes.

Travel agencies also offer special offers for the New Year. These offers relate to romantic or unusual destinations, at reasonable prices, and are particularly relevant to Moroccans who prefer to spend the New Year in a different atmosphere, outside Morocco. For their part, restaurants and nightclubs compete to attract the largest number of night and evening lovers, offering distinguished menus and exciting and attractive artistic programs, in order to welcome the New Year in a joyful, festive and happy atmosphere, before returning, the next day, to their daily routine.

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