Rabbi Pinto Celebrates Hanukkah

Yoshiyahu Pinto, a Moroccan rabbi and president of the Rabbinical Court, went to New York to celebrate, with his disciples and followers, the feast of Hanukkah or Festival of Lights, as Jews call it.

Thus, he lit the candles of this feast which lasts eight days and ends in the last week of December. He read excerpts from the Torah and thanks God, just as he performed other religious rituals related to this holiday.

Pinto’s visit to the United States of America lasted only one day, after he returned to Morocco to celebrate the same holiday with the Jewish community still residing in the Kingdom of Morocco.

Although it is a small festival and has not even been mentioned in the Torah, Hanukkah is considered one of the most popular Jewish holidays, during which Moroccan Jews eat donuts or oil-fried cakes.

For Jews, this holiday is an occasion of joy during which they stop being sad. For eight days in a row, they light a candle every evening and put it in a candelabrum.

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