Rabbi Pinto’s Predictions Come True

Many of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto’s predictions turned into astonishing facts shortly after they were made by him.

Rabbi Pinto had predicted in a video broadcast a few months ago on social networks that Israel will experience an earthquake, which happened a few days ago, when an earthquake was recorded in southern Israel, near the border with Jordan, and fifty kilometres from the Dead Sea. This earthquake followed the one that took place in Eilat last February.

In the same video, rabbi Pinto, who belongs to a family of rabbis known as miracle workers, predicted the death of an illustrious rabbi, a prophecy that was fulfilled a few days ago with the death of Monsignor Eliahu Bakshi Doron, the former Chief Rabbi of Israel, from a Coronavirus infection.

Among the prophecies that were mentioned by Pinto was the outbreak of a war or a major event. That is what we are witnessing today with this global fight against an epidemic that threatens all humanity.

In the same video, full of prophecies that have been fulfilled, Rabbi Pinto urged all Jews to show solidarity and support one another during this difficult period, during which many people will lose their lives, announcing that the Jewish Messiah will appear at some point after this pandemic.

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