Proof that Tourism Is Doing Very Well in Marrakesh

The number of overnight stays in the Classified Tourist Accommodation Establishments (EHTC) of Marrakech recorded during the period January-October of the current year, an increase of 7% compared to the same period of 2018.

The overnight stays in the EHTCs of Marrakech have thus reached a total of 7.069.931 at the end of last October against 6.616.275 during the period of January – October of the previous year, according to the data of the Regional Council of Tourism (CRT) of Marrakech.

As regards the occupancy rate at the end of August, it has reached 65% against 60% during the same period of 2018, while the average length of stay amounts to 3 nights, that is to say as much as that during the period January-October 2018.

Concerning last October, the number of overnight stays in the EHTCs in Marrakech recorded an increase of 4% compared to the same month last year.

Thus, overnight stays in EHTCs in Marrakech totalled 798,946 against 771,184 overnight stays during October 2018.

As for the occupancy rate, it stood at 72% last October against 68% during the same month of the year 2018.

As for the average length of stay, it was 3 days during the same month, which represents an average identical to that recorded during the same period of 2018, noted the same source.

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