Al Bacha Court: A Casablanca Architectural Masterpiece

The Al Bacha Court is one of the most beautiful architectural monuments of Casablanca, created by Moroccan craftsmen under the supervision of the French architect Auguste Cadi who was fascinated by Moorish architecture. Thus, he designed this building in the style of Andalusian Moroccan architecture, in the image of the palaces and mosques of Granada.

The building, which covers an area of 6,000 square meters and consists of more than sixty rooms in addition to the internal gardens, could be used at the same time as a courtyard, as a residence for the Pasha of Casablanca and as a prison. The purpose of setting up this court was to rule on disputes between the residents of the new city, which at that time included areas outside the walls and in the center of Casablanca, such as Derb Sultan, Derb Ghellaf, etc. The court was also used as a prison.

Traditional materials such as grey and white marble, cedar, lime and gypsum were used in the construction of the courtyard, which resembled the spacious “riads” of the medinas, while its roofs were decorated with carved wood, plaster and arches.

The decision to build the court was taken in January 1930 by the Pasha of Casablanca Tayeb Al Moukri, son of Mohammed Ibn Abdessalam Al Moukri, who chose the Habous district because it is an architectural landmark in the economic capital of the Kingdom. And from that time until today, after being transformed into the headquarters for the Council of the Casablanca-Settat region, this monument has retained its magnificence, originality and majesty, just as it has remained a privileged destination for tourists who never cease to marvel at its majestic architecture.

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