” Words of Lead “: A New Film by Ahmed Baidu

Moroccan director Ahmed Baidu is about to embark on a new cinematic experience, after starting the shooting of a historical film entitled “Paroles de plomb” (Words of Lead). It is an Amazigh film focusing on the battle of Ait Abdallah, with the participation of famous actors such as Mohammed Miftah, Mohammad Khayyi, Nisrine Erradi, Abdellatif Atif, El Hussein Berdwaz and Noureddine Tawami, in addition to Spanish actor Anarko Matrosha and French actress Claire Delomer.

Shooting is taking place in several regions of Souss Massa, including Tiznit, Taroudant, Chtouka Aït Baha and Agadir-Ida-Ou Tanane. The production is under the supervision of the company “Tram”.

For the writing of the screenplay, the director relied on numerous historical references, as well as the expertise of several specialist professors, such as Ahmed Bomzko, Omar Amarir, Ahmed Al Khanboubi and Abdallah Kiker. Ahmed Baidu also relied on part of what was written by journalist Hamza Abdallah Qassim, a native of the Tafraout region and editor of the regional newspaper “Adrar”.

This new Amazigh film tackles the history of Moroccan resistance through the evocation of the glorious deeds of the resistance fighters and martyrs who fell in the fighting against the French and Spanish colonists, according to what the director announced in a statement to the Moroccan media, adding that the idea of making this film comes from his desire to rewrite history, with sound and image, and to pay homage to the resistance fighters and martyrs.

The film tells the story of the battle of Ait Abdallah, which took place in 1934 and which is considered as one of the important milestones in the liberation era, having been led by Moroccan resistance fighters from the tribes of southern Morocco, against the French army. This battle, which took place in the mountains of the Atlas, caused heavy human and material losses for the colonizer.

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