Hafid Marbou Presents his “Dreamlike Forms”

The painter Hafid Marbou is ready to present his new exhibition “Dreamlike Forms” at the Sofitel Agadir Thalassa Sea and Spa. The exhibition is organized by the Basement Art Gallery and its opening will take place on Thursday, January 23, 2020 in the presence of the artist.

Hafid Marbou continues his plastic research in order to enrich his work and to challenge his artistic language, gradually leading his experience towards more freedom. His canvases present masses, forms and lines that change from one series to another. This gives rise to ruptures, while at the same time preserving Hafid Marbou’s own imprint which distinguishes his work. His non-figurative work declines an earthy palette with nuanced brown tones, fruit of the effects of the material. This is the result of a mixture of color and natural pigments that he places on moving surfaces, sometimes monochrome and sometimes composed of various colors. It is in a way the energy of the work desired by the artist Hafid who wanted, in this recent experiment, to deliver deeply researched works.

This is what the critic Hassan Wahbi says about this new collection, explaining that today in Marbou’s work, “one notices a tendency towards purification, a floating of figures, an aerial desire from circular forms that happily repeat themselves throughout his new series. One can take things as a kind of deepening of experience, from expression to expression, from step to step, because the painter is not in the naivety of diversity, but in a long journey to go to the end of his expressionism and the confirmation of his intuitions in a constant dialogue with his universe and his aesthetic emotions”. Wahbi adds that the result of this journey has given rise to circles, “bubbles” or stars that are a mobility, a movement. “We no longer see the world or its abstractions, but a regularity of elements, another idea of endless figuration, another idea of visual happiness or empathy of the gaze. There is no doubt that this is a sought-after decantation, a factual density, a miraculous movement of other kinds of things, of forms varying in luminosity, in discrete nuances. Proof of this is that all levitate, here, like flakes of dreams or the ghosts of our human thoughts; or perhaps it is only a new form of the lyricism of continuous or contrasting colors by dark spots or elements of another geometric form that create the coherence of the whole and its balance. These elements and forms are surprising details,” says Hassan Wahbi. Hafid Marbou invites us on this magical journey to explore his world and enter it through the big door. The Tiznit native graduated in plastic arts in 1994. He has, to his credit, many individual and group exhibitions in Morocco and abroad. His works appear in several public art collections.

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