Morocco in the Top 5 Dream Destinations in 2020

Great consecration for Morocco, the country was ranked in the top 5 dream destinations in 2020 by Boursorama Lifestyle.

Morocco is a dream destination according to Boursorama Lifestyle. The French site, which has established a ranking of countries to visit in 2020 has placed Morocco in 5th position.

“Why should we go to Morocco in 2020? Because the country is improving its infrastructure, especially in the cities of Fez, Essaouira, Meknes and Marrakech. The latter is also in the process of becoming the first African Capital of Culture in 2020. On the housing front, new eco-responsible accommodation is springing up all over the country. As for transport, the development of high-speed trains is underway. You can, for example, travel from Casablanca to Tangiers in just two hours. “, as it is specified on the site.

Uruguay, for its part, is in first place in the ranking. The other countries that Boursorama Lifestyle must visit in 2020 are Uzbekistan, Chile and Costa Rica.

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