After Rap, Diam’s Is Back with a New Project in Marrakech

After leaving the music business, former French rapper Diam’s has unveiled photos on Instagram announcing her new project.

Mélanie Georgiades ( her real name), the icon of a whole generation who had to give up her rapping career, is back in the spotlight but in a completely different field which is at the opposite end of the musical universe.

The interpreter of “La boulette” seems to find a new passion for which she is dedicated: architecture and interior decoration. On Instagram, Diam’s announced the launch of HomeByMel where she unveils numerous photos of original and spacious houses, minimalist and very modern decorations.

One of her Instagram stories includes a video that highlights two workers at work to give shape to a stainless steel plate. This activity is currently taking place in Morocco and more precisely in Marrakech.

On her account, we can read the following sentence in description: “Notice to all lovers of design and architecture, I have opened an account to share with you new projects to come in this field. I’ll tell you all about it in a few months”.

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