Morocco 1st Supplier of Fruit and Vegetables to Spain

According to the Spanish Federation of Associations of Producer Exporters of Fruit, Vegetables, Flowers and Live Plants (FEPEX), fruit and vegetable imports from Morocco have been on the rise. The kingdom thus consolidated its position as Spain’s leading supplier of fruit and vegetables between January and March 2019.

The Spanish federation notes that Spain’s imports from Morocco are on an upward trend, recording an 11% increase in the first quarter of 2019 to 137,760 tonnes. FEPEX explains that imports from the Kingdom during this period represent 31% of Spain’s total imports.

Morocco is the first non-European supplier to the Spanish market, with 363,399 tonnes imported, 7% more than in the previous period, with a value of 554.7 million euros, 4% more. It is followed by Costa Rica with 209,550 tonnes and 129 million euros and Peru with 110,534 tonnes and 210.6 million euros. For FEPEX, the data up to October reflect the consolidated presence of Morocco on the Spanish market as the leading supplier.

The data for the first quarter highlight the importance of Morocco as a supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables to the Spanish market and 51% of those from non-EU countries. With regard to Spain’s imports of fruit and vegetables from European Union countries, France was the leading supplier to the Iberian country in the first quarter of 2019 with 295,565 tonnes and 116 million euros.

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