Morocco Takes Part in the 12th Edition of the Arab Theater Festival in Amman

The 12th edition of the Arab Theater Festival opened Friday evening in the Jordanian capital Amman, with the participation of 15 theater groups from Arab countries, including Morocco. Three Moroccan shows are participating in this edition, namely “Another Sky” of the Akoun troupe, “Nemss” of the troupe The Open Theater and “The waiting room 1” of the troupe Boulevard of Art and Creativity, organized until the 16th current by the authority of Arab theater.

Speaking on this occasion, the secretary general of the Arab Theater Authority, Ismail Abdullah, stressed that the festival, which features the best of 2019, is an important event in the Arab theater agenda.

“Arab theater today needs knowledge, research, investigation, documentation and epistemic controversies,” he noted. On this occasion, Mr. Abdullah announced the creation of the “Association of Theater Enthusiasts”, which would be one of the projects of the Arab Theater Authority, which works in the service of theater groups in the Arab world. The opening ceremony of this cultural event, which was attended by the Moroccan Ambassador of Amman, Khaled Naciri, was marked by tributes to several pioneers of Jordanian theater.

Organized in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and the Jordanian Artists Association, the festival was attended by theater groups from Egypt, Syria, Algeria, Kuwait, Jordan, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates.

The program of this edition includes a conference on scientific responsibility, tributes to nine young Arabs who have excelled in competitions for writing theatrical texts, seminars and presentations of books and publications.

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