Amine Zariat Wants to Make Basketball a Platform for Social Development

A great basketball enthusiast, Mohamed Amine Zariat wants to make this sport a driving force for social development and fulfillment for Moroccan youth. Thanks to the NGO TIBU Morocco that he created in 2010, he has succeeded in changing the lives of thousands of young people in the Kingdom.

At the head of TIBU Maroc, an NGO he created in 2010, Mohamed Amine Zariat has a dream: to play sports, and more particularly basketball. Since the creation of TIBU Morocco, he has rolled up his sleeves. Several projects have been launched, such as “Education Through Basketball” (ETB), a program that uses basketball as a means of education and targets 54,000 students in 120 schools over the next three years. It was launched last September in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the NHRI. It is indeed a pedagogical method designed and developed by TIBU Morocco and focused on basketball for the learning of life skills and development of physical skills of students in public primary schools. Prior to this, the NGO had already launched a program in January targeting out-of-school 18-25 year old people with no training or qualifications and from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Entitled “Intilaka”, this program will be implemented between 2019 and 2021 and targets 60 beneficiaries per year, a total of 180 young people over three years, 20 of whom will be supported to set up startups specializing in education through sport. “Our objective today is to make these young people champions of life through sport. To bring them out of their precariousness, help them to move, eat and so on, we will offer them a financial support of 1,500 DH per month,” said Mohamed Amine Zariat at the launch of the project.

The NGO also organizes caravans such as “Basket F’Douar” (in partnership with the Moroccan Games and Sports-MDJS) to provide several thousand children with the essential values of life while educating their parents on the importance of valuing them.

To strengthen these social actions, TIBU Morocco has even created strategic centers on the national territory to promote the practice of basketball in the working class neighborhoods and also offer language, communication and leadership courses. Needless to say that today the results of the NGO speak for themselves.

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