More than 45,000 People Celebrate the Amazigh Year in Agadir

Last Sunday, the Al-Wahda square in Agadir hosted an artistic evening that brought together Moroccan stars with the public of Souss, whose number surpassed all predictions, after having exceeded 45,000 spectators who followed the final concert organized by the association Tayri Nwakkal, for the 8th timetime in a row on the occasion of the Amazigh New Year 2970.

This evening saw the participation of multiple artists including Fatima Tabaamranet, El Batoul Marwani, Hussein Al-Taous, Omar Boutmazourt, as well as the group Ahwach Tafraout.

The evening was also characterized by the awarding of the Larbi Ben Mbarek prize to the player Yassine Rami of Hassania d’Agadir and the Mbarek or Laarbi prize to the poet Omar Taws, as well as the launching of fireworks in the middle of the night.

The activities of the 8th edition of the International Cultural Festival, which took place in Agadir on 10, 11 and 12 January, began with an international colloquium on the theme “Amazigh in North Africa” with the participation of Algerian academic Nasser Jabi, coordinator of the book “Amazigh Movements in North Africa”, the Tunisian author Fathi Mouammar, the Libyan political actor and former president of the International Amazigh Congress, Fathi ben Khalifa, and the Moroccan academic Hussein Bouyaacoubi, author of the book “The Amazigh Question in Morocco and Algeria”.

The ceremony ended with a special tribute to the academic Hussein Bouyaacoubi, who was awarded the title of Personality of the Year in recognition of his effective contribution, throughout the past year (2969), to the promotion of the Amazigh language and culture at the national and international levels.

Mr Bouyaacoubi is a professor at the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences in Agadir. Several initiatives in favor of scientific research and Amazigh culture are to his credit. The most important are the International Forum of Amazigh University Studies, organized in Tiznit, and the Anthropology Week organized every year at the Faculty of Arts in Agadir since 2014.

He is the author of the books “Life and Work of Mohammad Chafiq” (2009) and “The Amazigh Question in Morocco and Algeria”, as well as the novel “Akdad n’Wahran” (2010). He also contributed to the book “Les Amazighs en France”(2012).

An exhibition on heritage was held throughout the event, as well as street performances were organized on the squares “La marche verte” and “Sidi Mohammed”.

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