Zina Daoudia: The Outstanding Pop Star

After a long absence, Zina Daoudia, the famous Moroccan pop singer, recently caused an outstanding controversy on social networks with her new song “Salman Al Hazm”, dedicated to the King of Saudi Arabia, Salman Ibn Abdelaziz, in which she addresses the Saudi sovereign expressing her allegiance and high regard, reminiscing the practices of certain artists in the Gulf.

Daoudia is one of the most popular artists in Morocco. She was born in 1979 in a working class district of Casablanca, into a modest and conservative family. Her passion for music and singing goes back to her early childhood, when she was barely nine years old. She sang at weddings and neighbors’ family parties, just as she loved to play football. She even played for the women’s national team before she began her career as a professional singer.

Zina Daoudia, whose real name is Hind El Hannaoui, chose the Rai in her early days. The Chaabi artist Saïd Sennhaji was the first to encourage her to specialize in this musical genre, before she finally opted for the Chaabi genre, notably after taking the artist name Daoudia, in reference to Abdallah Daoudi.

Thanks to her powerful voice and her mastery of the violin, she managed to achieve great success and widespread fame. Later on, she opted for a new musical style, more in tune with the new wave of modern Moroccan songs.

Her controversial song “Atini saki” was considered by critics as an important turning point in her artistic career.

Zina Daoudia’s song list is rich with several famous songs such as “Chaddi Weldak Alia”, “Sayidati”, “Rendez-Vous”, etc.

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