Saudi Arabia: Zina Daoudia’s Mistake Shocks the Internet

Zina Daoudia is in the middle of a storm. During her concert held at the beginning of the week at the Abu Bakr Salem theater in Saudi Arabia, the singer provoked the anger of Moroccans because of certain remarks deemed inappropriate.

At the end of the concert, Daoudia thanked the Saudi audience for their presence, and expressed her love for their country. The singer went on to say that “Morocco and Saudi Arabia are the two eyes of one head”. “Your men are in our country and our daughters are in yours. We are one people. Flesh and blood unite us,” the singer said.

These words did not fail to provoke the anger of Internet users, who felt that Zina Daoudia had humiliated Morocco in Saudi Arabia. Some even called on the artist to apologize to Moroccans after this huge mistake.

It should be remembered that journalist Ridouane Erramdani had recently criticized the singer. A few days ago the singer launched a song in which she praises Salmane Ibnou Abdelaziz, the King of Saudi Arabia.

On his Facebook account, Ramdani did not spare words in confronting the popular singer. “Lalla Zina. Don’t sing on behalf of Moroccans. If you threw that song to get rich, that’s your business. But don’t involve Morocco in your plans. Speak for yourself. Do you even know what you’re singing? You’ve humiliated your country. It’s a pity,” the host insisted.

Zina Daoudia took this initiative after Saudi Arabia’s decision to invite four Moroccan artists to “La soirée marocaine”, as part of “Mawssim Arryad”. The invitation was addressed to Hatim Ammor, Zouhair Bahaoui, Abdellah Daoudi and Zina.

The latter, after the launch of her new hit, did not fail to provoke the wrath of the Web. The singer was pointed at by Internet users and accused of being blinded by money. “You praise King Salmane to make yourself rich? Your new song simply shocked me,” wrote one young woman. One Internet user also made no secret of his disappointment, believing that the singer had made a real artistic mistake.

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