Guillaume and Wassim Ready to Face the Moroccan Desert

Students of the École de l’air, will try to make their class shine at the 4L Trophy 2020.

The Renault 4L, gleaming with its orange paintwork, was a real eye-catcher yesterday afternoon in Morgan Square. It has to be said that we are no longer used to meeting this model of car, which has become mythical thanks to the 4L Trophy. So much so that only on the stony roads of Morocco do we come across this vehicle of the brand with its diamond shape.

Every year, around 1,000 4Ls, driven by students from all over France, raise the dust of the Moroccan desert. This year, from 20 February to 1 March, we will have to rely on Wassim and Guillaume, 22 and 23 year-old students in their second year at the École de l’Air, who for the occasion form the crew of the “4Aigles trop fit”.

Yesterday, one month away from embarking on this sporting and humanitarian raid, they wished to thank the partners who enabled them, in a very short time, to gather the financial and material means to take part in the adventure.

Not an easy task when we know that Wassim and Guillaume only started in November. “It had been since 2015 that the École de l’air had not taken part in the 4L Trophy. We managed to get the adventure going again.”

Wassim and Guillaume were able to count on the removal company Login to lend them the vehicle. Some improvements were made, such as the removal of the back seat. To lighten the vehicle, but above all to be able to load school supplies. Because although the 4L Trophy is a race, it is primarily a humanitarian event. “We’ll be taking school supplies and hygiene products on board with us to reach Moroccan schools in difficulty,” explained the two crew members, who will set off from Biarritz before crossing Spain and the Strait of Gibraltar, and then facing the Moroccan desert.

On the program, 6,000 km in about ten days. An experience that promises to be unforgettable for these two young people who say they know a little about mechanics. They will no doubt have the opportunity to get their hands dirty. All the more so as although the humanitarian aspect is close to their hearts, they don’t intend to take part in the 4L Trophy as an extra. In fact, yesterday they received the encouragement of General Jérôme Bellanger of Air Base 701. “Generosity, fighting spirit, solidarity. This race fits perfectly with the values conveyed by the Air Force Academy. Of course, the latter will only enter one car, against 4 for Saint-Cyr for example, but it only takes one car to win. So have a good trip!”

To help Wassim and Guillaume, go on Facebook and Instagram to “Les 4aigles trop fit”

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