Moroccan Sahara: Bolivia’s Decision Continues to Provoke Reaction

Argentina’s independent news agency, the Intelligence Press Agency, said the Bolivian government’s decision to end its relations with the “phantom republic” was a “new blow” confirming the growing isolation of the polisario separatists.

In an article entitled “Bolivia joins international rejection of the pseudo rasd”, the agency said the decision by the government of interim Bolivian President Jeanine Añez to end the political and ideological illusions previously imposed led to the “withdrawal of diplomatic recognition of a fictitious entity”.

The author of the article, Argentine academic Adalberto Carlos Agozino, who recalled the circumstances in which this illusion was created in Latin America, noted that the situation had changed radically and that “support for the polisario separatists had gradually collapsed and what began as a mere drop of water quickly turned into a waterfall of diplomatic rejection” of the pseudo rasd.

The withdrawal of recognition of the separatists, the abandonment of their support and the severing of relations with the fake republic go hand in hand with a concrete recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over its southern provinces, recalling in this regard the opening of a number of countries of their consulates in this integral part of the Kingdom.

The international relations expert stressed that these successes, achieved through Moroccan diplomacy led by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, have put an end to the illusions of polisario, adding that “the growing international isolation of separatists is evident”.

The author of the article explained that this change in diplomatic alliances is not a coincidence but rather the product of “Morocco’s growing international importance”, which has regained its natural place in the African Union, recalling the position and admiration that HM the King holds, “Leader of the African Union on the issue of migration, Chairman of the Al-Quds Committee and a keen defender of the protection of the planet”.

Mr. Agozino also highlighted the important foreign investments that the Kingdom attracts and which have enabled it to develop huge infrastructures in all fields, particularly in the port and railway sectors.

The Argentinean academic concluded that the next stage in Moroccan-Bolivian relations would open up a new era of bilateral cooperation, stressing that there is only room for optimism and the establishment of relations with the Kingdom.

Bolivia decided last Monday to suspend its recognition of the pseudo “rasd” and to “sever all ties” with the fake entity, while reaffirming its determination “to build a renewed relationship with the Kingdom of Morocco, based on mutual respect for national sovereignty and territorial integrity and non-interference in the internal affairs of both countries.

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