Moroccan Designers Awarded at UNESCO House

Moroccan designers and stylists were awarded, Tuesday evening at the UNESCO House in Paris, on the occasion of the first edition of the Oriental Fashion Awards, a prize dedicated to rewarding fashion designers for their work and their commitment to preserve ancestral know-how. This ceremony comes the day after the 34th edition of the Oriental Fashion Show, created in 2004 by the Moroccan Hind Joudar, who chose the famous Carrousel du Louvre to highlight oriental splendours through a selection of some twenty fashion houses.

On this occasion, Moroccan designers Samira Haddouchi, Saad Ouadrassi, Fatima-Zahra El Filali Idrissi and Houda Serbouti received the Oriental Fashion Awards alongside renowned designers representing different countries and cultures, including Egyptian Hany El Behairy, Lebanese Abed Mahfouz, Uzbek Sofia Ashur, French-Palestinian Hindi, Turkish Aynour Aliyeva and Tunisian Mouna Ben Braham.

Representatives of traditional Moroccan high fashion also shared the podium with Norah Alhumaid (Saudi Arabia), Adiba Al Mahboub (Kuwait), Uventa (Azerbaijan), Saher Akel (Palestine), Gina Frias (Malaysia), Jamal Taslaq (Palestine), Yasmina Chellali (Algeria), Nafisa Imranova (Tajikistan) and Raishma Islam (UK/Pakistan).

This event pays tribute to the designers and their creations which were presented notably in Paris,” Ms Joudar, founder of this international platform dedicated to couture and oriental fashion and president of the Silk Road Association and Al Andalus. She said she was “very proud” of the Moroccan designers who received awards at the ceremony. They are “persevering people, with taste, who do an exceptional job to present it to the world”. The choice of UNESCO to host this first edition of the Oriental Fashion Awards has all its symbolism, especially since it is a high place for the preservation of heritage,” added Ms. Joudar.

For her part, Aziza Belkhayat, who was awarded in homage to his exhibition at the Oriental Fashion Show of traditional caftans made by students of her school of fashion design, modeling and traditional sewing in Fez, said that this trophy represents recognition of her more than thirty years of service to traditional Moroccan fashion.

Hany El Behairy, one of the greatest designers in the Middle East, said he was delighted to participate in the Oriental Fashion Show and to represent his country, Egypt, in the best way, adding that he is in the French capital to also participate in the Paris Fashion Week.

Trophies were also awarded to the Moroccan artist-painter Rajae Lahlou, singer Xena Aouita and the Franco-Moroccan opera singer of Jewish faith David Serero.

The awards ceremony took place in the presence of several personalities from the world of fashion and culture and several diplomats, including Samir Addaher, ambassador and permanent representative of the Kingdom to UNESCO.

The 34th edition of the Oriental Fashion Show Paris was an opportunity for Moroccan designers and stylists to present their latest creations during an exceptional and prestigious fashion show.

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