Morocco Improves its Ranking in the Democracy Index

The ranking takes into account 60 criteria under five broad categories, including the electoral process and pluralism.

Morocco has gained four places in the 2019 ranking of the Index of Democracy, published annually by The Economist Intelligence Unit, the research division of the British press group The Economist.

The Kingdom which had occupied the 100th position in 2018 ranked 96th this year among the 167 countries covered by the index, with a score of 5.10 points out of 10.

Morocco is among the top-ranked Arab countries. It comes second after Tunisia, ranked 53rd. It is followed by Lebanon (106th), Algeria (113th), Jordan (114th), Kuwait (114th), Mauritania (116th), Palestine (117th), Iraq (117th) and Qatar (128th).

At the African level, Morocco occupies 9th position in the ranking after Tunisia, Lesotho (60th), Namibia (65th), Senegal (82nd), Madagascar (85th), Malawi (87th), Liberia (88th) and Kenya (94th). Benin closes in 97th position.

The Top 10 accomplished democracies include Norway, Iceland, New Zealand, Finland, Ireland, Denmark, Canada, Australia, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

As a reminder, the Index of Democracy measures the level of democracy in 167 countries on the basis of 60 criteria in five broad categories: electoral process and pluralism, civil liberties, functioning of government, political participation and political culture.

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