Younes Bouab: The Zero

Younes Bouab is the brother of the actor Assaâd Bouab. He was born in 1979 in Salé to a Moroccan father and a French mother. He continued his studies at the Descartes high school, before going to Paris to study philosophy at the Sorbonne University.

His first experiences in the artistic field were with Moroccan television, for which he wrote several screenplays, as well as participating in a few short films that went unnoticed, before the public discovered him in 2009 through the series “Cool Center”, which was presented during Ramadan on 2M.

And it was in 2012 that he had his first cinematic experience with director Ibrahim Chakiri, who gave him a role in the comedy film “The Road to Kabul”, which broke all box office records and continued to be shown in cinemas for years thanks in particular to its massive success. In the same year, Nour-Eddine Lakhmari offered him the lead role in his film “Zero”, a name that has stuck with him to the point that his audience, friends and colleagues call him by that name to this day.

Younes Bouab also collaborated with the famous director Nabil Ayouch on his latest film “Razia”. He has just finished shooting his role in a new film entitled “The Miracle of the Unknown Saint”, the first feature film by director Alae-Eddine El-Jem, in which Younes Bouab plays the role of a thief.

His sharp features marked by a certain sense of sadness allowed him to play difficult and complex roles. Most of these roles relate to failed, marginal or depressed characters. And unlike many stars, Younes Bouab likes to be alone and does not appear much on festive “showbiz” occasions.

In the latest edition of Tel-Quel magazine, he states about his personality: “I’m a person who likes to be alone. It can be a blessing, just as it can be an obstacle. But for me it’s the same. I’m like that and I can’t change. I don’t like to display my private life, not in real life, not on social networks, I think what people should be interested in is my art.”

Younes Bouab recently finished shooting his role in Driss Lamrini’s new film, just as he had an important opportunity to play a role in “Messiah”, the controversial series presented on Netflix, where he plays a Muslim jihadist.

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