Mohammed Timoumi: The Legend

Mohammed Timoumi is considered a legend of Moroccan football and an outstanding hero who enjoys great respect from the Moroccans. He was one of the miracle-workers at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, when Morocco became the first Arab and African country to make it past the first round of this global sporting event.

Mohammed Timoumi was born in 1961 in Rabat. He played from a young age with the club “Ittihad Touarga”, which he joined in 1975, before attracting the attention of football experts who noticed his great talent and distinguished style. Thus, he joined one of the big clubs in Morocco, namely the FAR Rabat, where he shone in several important matches, just as he shone in the national team. He managed to win the African Golden Ball in 1985, becoming the second Moroccan player to win this award after Ahmed Faras.

Timoumi, who wore the number 10, joined several European clubs but was unable to excel there due to poor management of his career, which affected him psychologically and rushed the end of his football career, despite his undoubted talent.

Today Timoumi is in hospital in France, where he underwent knee surgery. But the operation had a negative impact on his health. An internal bleeding has plunged him into an uncomfortable coma. All Moroccans wish him a quick recovery.

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