Experts Warn against Canned Food, Hair Dyes and Ice Cream

Nutrition professionals have warned about the dangers of eating canned foods such as corn, sardines, tuna and peas, particularly due to the presence of preservatives and colorings that are harmful to health, advising people to choose fresh natural products instead. These professionals have also advised avoiding the consumption of certain fruits out of season, recommending that vegetables and fruits should be thoroughly washed with water and sodium bicarbonate or with water and white vinegar before eating them. This will remove residues of pesticides and fertilizers that remain stuck to them.

Drinking plenty of water and exercising regularly is also highly recommended to protect your health and to guard against stress that harms the body and causes many illnesses.

At a recent event in Casablanca, pharmacist Aicha Zaoui advised people to avoid eating fried food, and to use olive oil instead of cooking oil, as well as to avoid fast food and chips, sodas and colored foods such as yoghurt, ice cream and sweets, as all these products are toxic and contain chemical components that can disturb the body’s hormonal balance and cause many diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

She stressed the importance of consuming tea and other herbal materials such as cinnamon, a magic spice in her opinion, as it has virtues beneficial to health, stressing nevertheless the need to consume it in moderation, in order to avoid complications that may be caused especially in the liver.

She also warned against the random use of detergents and pesticides, as well as frequent baths with shampoo and shower gel, especially those made with “sulphate”, as this causes allergies and itching, or the use of hair dyes, calling for them to be replaced by natural materials.

The use of “keratin”, “botox” and “tannino”, to moisturize the hair, as well as products made with dangerous components such as naphthol, paraphenyl, etc., which are present in many cosmetic products, is also strongly warned against.

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