A New Roadmap to Boost Tourism in Morocco

The announcement was made Saturday in Marrakech by the National Tourism Confederation (CNT). Tourism now has a new roadmap. The objective is “to make Morocco an authentic destination offering a diversity of experiences to be shared”, the daily L’Economiste tells us in its edition of February 3.

“This tool, developed by the private sector, aims to promote the inclusive development of the tourist industry and the improvement of its competitiveness. According to the CNT’s vice-president general, Fouzi Zemrani, various actions are planned this year”. The main actions planned or launched in this direction are essentially based on Public/Private Partnership, the creation of a “Tourism Academy”, digital technology, the development of human capital, the strengthening of the competitiveness of tourism stakeholders, the regulation of the sector, internal tourism and the reorganization of the Tourism Observatory.

“Concerning the PPP (Public-Private Partnerships) in particular, the projects already launched deal with the promotion of the Agadir-Taghazout destination, the development of human capital and the regulation of the sector”, Zemrani said, as reported by the daily.

It is also a question of the accompaniment of PME, of the digital turn, of the reorganization of the Tourism Observatory and the improvement of the observation and analysis system. The Confederation also intends to set up an academy to support training in the field of tourism.

Another project that the CNT intends to work on is the implementation of the “Webinar”, “an online class in which people who are connected can participate without geographical constraints, as well as a Master Class led by an expert on a particular theme”.

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