Great Success for the First Edition of the “Tourism Marketing Days”

The first edition of the “Tourism Marketing Days” was held this Tuesday, December 17 in Casablanca. At the initiative of the ONMT and in partnership with the National Tourism Confederation (CNT), no less than a hundred public and private operators and association representatives attended this event which marks a new way of working between the ONMT and professionals.

Initiated by the Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT), the “Tourism Marketing Days” is a new concept of event which brings together public and private operators in order to set up the marketing and commercial strategies capable of positioning the Morocco tourism brand on the world tourism scene and to help the Moroccan professionals to be equipped to carry out in an optimal way their commercial approach for their companies.

This event has been very popular among Moroccan tourism professionals who appreciate being involved in the implementation of the actions to be carried out by the ONMT to accompany the sector.

Moreover, Adel El Fakir, the CEO of the Moroccan National Tourist Office has pointed out “Tourism Marketing Days”, an event dedicated to the professionals of Tourism. It is based on their demand and their needs so that, together, we can put in place the best possible levers to identify our target markets. Better understanding demand in order to better respond to it must remain our ultimate goal.

In order to ensure the success of this event and to raise the awareness of the actors in the sector, the ONMT involved all its delegates abroad for this first edition.

Five workshops were organized on the sidelines of this major event, dealing with each of the major projects in the sector, namely “Communication and content generation”, “Commercial Task Force”, “Digital”, “MICE” and “Internal Tourism”. Each of these workshops were led by a pair consisting of a private operator and a representative of the ONMT.

Organized at the end of the year, “Tourism Marketing Days” promises a new era for 2020 where the ONMT and the professionals are advancing in a tight march to conquer the target markets of Moroccan tourism.

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