Morocco Is the 6th Largest Importer of Soybean Oil in the World

Morocco imports the bulk of its needs in the form of soybean meal, more than 950,000 tonnes. Oilseed crops occupy an important place in rain-fed agriculture.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the average area devoted to oilseeds in 2017-2018 is 35,000 ha. Morocco annually consumes nearly 600,000 tons of seed oils, more than 90% of which are imported.

World oilseed production in 2019/20 is estimated at 575 million tonnes, almost unchanged from December, with an increase in soybean and sunflower harvests offsetting the decline in palm kernel production, cottonseed and rapeseed. Thus, in a report by the United States Department of Agriculture, Morocco is the 6th largest importer of soybean oil with 520 tons. It comes after Peru, which ranks 5th with an import of 525 tons.

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