“Hip hop du bled”: Urban Arts Come to Meknes

The city of Meknes witnessed on Saturday the 16th edition of the Festival of Young Musicians in Urban Arts, the cultural and social movement saw the participation of many troops from various backgrounds, including “Darbin”, “Khmissa”, “L’Jasos”, “ZR”, “Dj Van D”, “Stylers Crew”.

Initiated by the Association “Maroc des talents urbains” under the theme “Hip hop du bled”, this event is an opportunity for young people to showcase their artistic talents in the culture of hip hop, rap, Dj, graffiti, dance and fusion.

In a statement to MAP, the Festival’s artistic director, Houcine Harbaoui, reviewed the rich programming of this edition, highlighting the diversity of artistic expressions participating.

A cultural and social movement, a popular art that appeared in the early 1970s in the United States, Hip-hop is now widespread throughout the world, according to the organizers.

“Despite the growing number of practitioners and the real interest that young people have in hip hop, we see that artistic and cultural practices linked to this culture, born in the streets, too often remain informal,” they point out, adding that they are trying to “correct this lack of structure, which is an obstacle to the identification of the actors who participate and to the promotion of their initiatives.”

Through this action, they wish to network the various actors of the movement, to provide them with conditions for improvement and professionalization and to ensure the interface between them and their local environment, while diversifying the areas of intervention and promoting exchanges of audiences.

Organized in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, the 16th edition of the Festival of Young Musicians in the Urban Arts also includes training workshops led by a variety of professionals.

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