Rabbi Pinto’s Successful Visit to Los Angeles

Avner saban The Israeli consul of the west coast in United states

Moroccan Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, president of the Rabbinical Court of the Jews of Morocco, and grandson of the famous Rabbi Haim Pinto, made a successful visit last week to Los Angeles, where he was received by many of his Jewish followers and disciples, supporters of Kabbalah, from the United States as well as from different countries. During the visit, Pinto met with prominent Jewish clerics and rabbis, as well as members of the Jewish community.

Rabbi Pinto prayed, performed the Sabbath ritual, and gave religious lessons. He also spoke with many Jews who came specifically to consult with him and obtain his blessing before making plans or crucial decisions about their future.

Before going to Los Angeles, the rabbi celebrated the Feast of Lights or “Hanukkah” in New York, where he lives, by lighting candles for eight days on the holiday that ends in the last week of December. He recited the Torah, made prayers, as well as performed other related religious rituals, as good omens for the coming year.

It is expected that the Moroccan Rabbi will return to his native country in a few days time, where he will serve as president of the Rabbinical Court of Moroccan Jews, just as he is keen to oversee all affairs of the Jewish community residing in Morocco, both with regard to “kosher” (Halal) food, cemeteries, temples, and the charitable work he is doing to help the poor and needy.

The Rabbi is keen to meet Moroccan Jews in order to give them lessons on the Torah and its teachings, whether at the Beth-El synagogue in Casablanca, where the headquarters of the yeshiva (school) which was established to teach religion to young Jews of the Jewish families residing in Casablanca.

Pinto, the friend of artists, politicians and celebrities, oversees an organization that includes many religious schools in Ashkelon, Kiryat Malachi and Ashdod in Israel, in addition to other schools for girls or for the training of students. He has also established a network of religious schools in Los Angeles, Miami and New York, as well as overseeing numerous charitable organizations that provide food to needy Israeli families.

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