Morocco and Israel: Is it a Pulse or an Announcement of Future Normalization?

Lior Ben-Dor, director of the Moroccan department at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, invited Moroccan businessmen and investors to visit Israel to discover investment and contracting opportunities with their Israeli counterparts, pointing out that relations between Moroccan and Israeli companies have developed considerably in recent years. In a video published on the “Israel Speaks Arabic” page, he said: “We can build a better future together. Our doors are open to you and our hands are extended to you. »

This call for exchange and standardization in the field of business and which is a part of the various forms of cooperation between Morocco and Israel, at several levels, including the military level. For example, Israeli media as well as numerous sites, including the French site “Intelligence Online”, which specializes in security affairs, have reported reports that Morocco has purchased three Israeli reconnaissance aircraft of the “Heron” type, which would be used to hunt down armed groups and extremists operating on the border, an agreement which, according to the same sources, would amount to 48 million dollars.

Furthermore, the American site “Axios” revealed the existence of bilateral negotiations between Israel and the United States, with a view to Washington recognizing Morocco’s full sovereignty over its southern provinces in exchange for the normalization of its relations with the Jewish State, stating that a visit by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will take place in Morocco shortly; a visit that was much talked about months ago, but which has still not taken place until today.

Morocco, which has maintained good relations with its citizens of the Jewish faith who have immigrated to Israel, has taken a moderate stance on the “deal of the century”, to which the Palestinian Authority has opposed, as have many Arab countries, including those which maintain cooperative relations with Israel but prefer to keep them secret so as not to offend the feelings of their people, who are often sympathetic to the Palestinian cause.

And at a time when observers have considered that Israel was seeking, by disclosing this information, to feel the pulse about the normalization of its relations with Morocco, some analysts have, for their part, considered that this information constitutes a preliminary step on Morocco’s part that will mark the beginning of a a clear relationship of cooperation and normalization in the near future, and a return to diplomatic relations as was the case years ago when the Israeli liaison office was opened in Morocco, before it was closed following pressure from the Arab League.

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